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Explore the best corporate mentoring programs with Indigo

Indigo develops mentoring programs designed to accelerate growth within your organisation. Whether you’re looking to improve team efficiency, combat employee turnover or simply work on your company culture, Indigo’s mentoring programs are here to help.

What makes Indigo’s mentoring programs the best?

Indigo’s mentoring programs are designed with a focus on employee engagement, retention, and wellbeing. We use advanced matching algorithms to connect employees with the most suitable advisers within their community. With a focus on psychological safety, our platforms are designed with your people in mind, providing a place where they can build confidence and connections.

How do Indigo’s mentoring programs contribute to successful business operations?

Our mentorship programs help in reducing early life attrition, increasing employee retention, breaking down silos, and improving overall employee wellbeing, which in turn boosts productivity and revenue.

Examples of mentoring in the workplace provided by Indigo:

Indigo provides a variety of mentoring programs, including 1:1 mentoring, group mentoring through forums, and targeted mentoring based on specific employee needs or areas of work.

How does Indigo ensure the success of its mentoring programs?

Indigo ensures the success of its mentoring programs through careful planning, implementation, and continuous evaluation. We also provide ongoing support and resources to both mentors and mentees.

Through our administrative portal, you’re able to view in real time how often your people are engaging with mentoring, the best-reviewed mentors and even the key topics being tagged into our forums. Our reporting function also means that any potential issues are passed directly on to you, straight away.

How does Indigo’s corporate mentor program improve wellbeing?

Our corporate mentor program improves employee wellbeing by providing support, fostering connections, and promoting a sense of community within the workplace.

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