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Invite members

We use single sign on to automatically integrate our software with your existing online infrastructure, whether that’s a work email system or virtual learning environment. You can also take advantage of our handy communications resources to help attract, enrol and engage your members.

Match participants

We don’t believe in wasting time manually matching users with mentors. Our AI-led matching algorithm connects users with the best mentor for them based on factors of your choice, such as the course they study or the department they work in. Users can opt to chat to the same mentor always, or different mentors for different queries.

Users can also choose their own mentor by searching our member directory for key words relating to their individual needs or concerns. This could be anything from ‘LGBTQ+ support’ to ‘IT query’.

Build engagement

Taking mentoring online increases user engagement by making support more accessible, but we don’t stop there. The Indigo review function enables every mentor to build positive feedback from the people they help, based on the skills that matter to them. This is tangible data that can be used to aid professional development, grow their skillset and even give you useful insights for promotions.

Monitor interactions

We want every mentoring ecosystem built with Indigo to be a safe, secure and supportive environment, and our monitoring system was built to ensure quality control with every interaction.

The system works by enabling all participants to quickly and simply ‘report’ a conversation that made them uncomfortable or unsure. This sends an alert direct to your inbox, enabling you to review a transcript of the conversation and take the same disciplinary action you would if the conversation happened in the office.

Measure impact

We know that a good mentoring program doesn’t just benefit the individual users. It has a positive impact at organisational level, too.

Using our admin portal you can measure the impact of mentoring on your team. This includes tracking usage levels, learning more about popular topics discussed and gaining valuable insight into your members’ performance.

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