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Indigo is the engagement platform designed to turn teams into communities, strengthening team dynamics, upskilling individuals, supporting wellbeing and boosting performance. Explore our recent work below …

Powering coaching with the Leadership Psychology Institute

Indigo are working with the Leadership Psychology Institute to provide a virtual platform that will enable members of the community to connect outside of sessions.

Designed as an online community for collaboration, support and networking, the space provides members with the opportunity to ask questions, share knowledge, find peer coaches and even meet potential clients.

The LPI coaches an established network of individuals in senior HR roles at large corporations.

“Indigo solves the challenge of remote connectivity with an online solution that will enable sharing, co-creation and agility of use – it’s a tool that will connect talent to knowledge where it is.”

Facilitating innovation with The Ingenuity Programme

Indigo worked with The Ingenuity Programme on their latest programme delivery to take mentoring, networking and collaboration for their participants online.

Using the platform, participants were able to connect and network with their peers, as well as access mentoring support which was a core component of the programme.

The Ingenuity Programme is a national innovation programme that addresses social, health, and environmental challenges through the creation of new start-ups.

“It’s really built my confidence … the mentor broke the idea down, understood it with me, and then built it back up again to refine it – that was a pivotal moment for me.”

Supplementing industry training with Planning Gain Experts

Indigo are working with Planning Gain Experts to supplement industry training delivered by the organisation, providing members with a place to connect with their peers, learn outside of sessions and further their industry knowledge.

The Indigo platform was designed to grow with your organisation, and as an emerging network, membership of the Indigo platform is now a core component of the offering for Planning Gain Experts, alongside their 1:1 coaching and training opportunities.

“We can offer participants a first-class mentoring experience, online, at a time that works for them.”

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