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Build Online Communities with Indigo’s Community Platforms

Indigo provides platforms to help you build online communities around your organisation, fostering engagement and collaboration within your team. Our community platforms facilitate connections, engagement, and support among members, addressing common workplace issues and enhancing overall employee wellbeing.

What is the best way to build online communities?

The best way to build online communities is by using a dedicated platform like Indigo, which facilitates connections and engagement among members. At Indigo, we blend the latest tech with a people-first approach, ensuring that administration of your online community platform is streamlined and automated, whilst also making sure that your peoples’ needs are at the forefront of everything we do.

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What is an online community platform?

An online community platform is a digital space where members of an organisation can connect, engage, and support each other. In an age of remote work and digital communication, its more important than ever that organisations learn to adapt to new ways of working, whilst also ensuring that the human element of communication isn’t lost.

How does an online community builder work?

Online community builders commonly use information provided by members to match them with suitable advisors within their community. At Indigo, our matching algorithm pairs your people with the best adviser for them from within your organisation, depending on the nature of their queries, concerns and areas of interest.

But alongside 1:1 support, we also think an important part of community building is facilitated group discussion. Our forums enable your people to share ideas, and help you to unlock organisational intelligence, understanding more about the topics they care about the most.

What are the benefits of using an online community software?

Using an online community software platform can help address issues like employee attrition, lack of engagement, and siloed workforces by fostering a sense of community.

By providing a simple, accessible and welcoming space for your team to share ideas and concerns, connect with one another and make them feel like their voices are heard, we help bring them together.

How can I create a community online?

You can create a community online by using a platform like Indigo, which provides the tools and features needed to foster connections and engagement among members. We work with a wide variety of organisations, from large employers to membership groups, to take their communities online.

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How can building an online community benefit my organisation?

Building an online community has the power to transform your organisational culture, but it also has the potential to drive business growth. By investing in the wellbeing and success of your team, you can improve retention and engagement, and in doing so contribute to increased productivity,

Why should I choose Indigo for building online communities?

Indigo offers a unique community platform that uses member information to facilitate meaningful connections, addressing common workplace issues and enhancing overall wellbeing.

At the heart of our people-first approach is a commitment to helping your team feel supported and listened to; by taking a multi-channel approach, including both one to one and one to many communication options, we make it as easy as possible for them to reach out for help in a way that they’re most comfortable with.

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Can Indigo’s platform be used for online community building in any organisation?

Yes, Indigo’s platform is suitable for any organisation with a large member base, including businesses, charities, and networking groups. It works best at scale – the more people within your organisation, the more capacity for connections to be made! However, Indigo is designed to grow with you and can be a great incentive for organisations like member networks to attract more participants.