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Disengaged at work: how to help disengaged employees

Feeling disengaged at work is a common issue faced by many employees. At Indigo, we provide community platforms that aim to combat this issue, fostering a sense of connection and engagement among staff members. Our software matches employees with the best advisers within their community, providing support and promoting a healthier, more engaged workplace.

What does it mean when an employee is disengaged at work?

An employee is considered ‘disengaged at work’ when they lack motivation, are not committed to their role, and are not contributing to their fullest potential. These signs may be obvious to employers, but they also may be more subtle. For example, the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon that has gained prevalence in recent years involves employees slowly becoming disengaged from their workplace in small ways that aren’t always immediately noticeable by their employer or wider team.

There are many reasons why an employee may become disengaged, but some of the most common include:

✅ A lack of fulfilment or purpose in their role – for example, if they don’t feel like they’re working towards a worthwhile goal or don’t feel a passion for the job they’re doing.

✅ A lack of opportunities for professional development or growth within their organisation. For example, if they’re not regularly being offered opportunities for enrichment or further training.

✅ Lacking a sense of community within their team can also lead to feelings of isolation that cause people to become disengaged with their work.

What are the signs of employee disengagement?

Signs of employee disengagement are varied and not always obvious, but they could include:

  • A lack of productivity, or a decline in their standards of work and productivity over time.
  • Frequent absenteeism that isn’t always explained by illness.
  • Low morale or a lack of interest in their work and wider organisational culture.

How can Indigo’s community platforms help disengaged employees?

Employees are 49% less likely to leave the company after participating in a mentoring program.

At Indigo, we believe that everyone in your organisation has something valuable to contribute – its all about giving them the opportunity to do so in a way that feels welcoming, simple and secure. Our community platforms provide a space for employees to connect with one another, share experiences and seek advice, all of which help to foster a sense of community in the workplace.

What are the impacts of having disengaged employees?

Disengagement amongst their workforces is a problem that organisations simply cannot afford to ignore. Not only is an engaged workforce a powerful tool for productivity and overall organisational success, a disengaged workforce can have highly detrimental effects, including:

  • Lower levels of individual productivity, which lead to lower levels of team efficiency and ultimately impact how well your company performs and meets targets.
  • Disengaged employees are also far more likely to leave an organisation, meaning that organisation-wide disengagement could have a huge impact on your employee turnover rates.

How can employers address the issue of employees being disengaged at work?

Employers can address this issue by fostering a positive workplace culture, providing opportunities for growth and development, and implementing tools to promote engagement.

Indigo’s software uses information provided by employees, such as their work area or issues they need support with, to match them with the best advisers within their community.

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