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About Indigo

Our background

Indigo was founded in 2017 by CEO James when he was a student at the University of Nottingham, where he created the first iteration of our software, geared towards supporting student mental health through mentoring. Fast forward 6 years, and today we’re helping to unleash the power of mentoring wherever people go to learn – whether that’s at work, in education or through training programs and courses.

Whilst we’ve transformed into an organisation that supports far more than just students, our core purpose remains the same: to ensure that everybody, everywhere has someone they can turn to for help .

Indigo turns companies into communities

Today, though, our day-to-day looks a little different to how we started. At Indigo, we’re all about using internal mentoring as a tool to make culture, cohesion and connection a daily habit in your organisation.

Everyone tells us that company culture is the secret ingredient to empowering your team and super-charging productivity within your organisation. But what does it really mean? The truth is that culture is about far more than having a ping pong table in your office or hosting a one-off company barbecue. It’s about the small, every day interactions that establishing real human connection within your team.

At Indigo, we use tech to help facilitate those relationships, making it easier for your team to communicate, collaborate and support each other. Want to learn how we do it? Get in touch for a demo.

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Chris, Commercial Director

Chris joined Indigo with 15 years’ experience in growing and scaling tech start-ups, including being a part of the founding team of the third fastest-growing company in the US in 2013.

Chris is passionate about AI and it’s use in enhancing our day to day working life and enabling genuine human connection. At Indigo, he supports the senior team with business development opportunities and innovation of the Indigo platform.

Engagement made easy.

Whether you run a business, course or classroom, use our mentoring SAAS platform to create a culture of engagement.

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The one minute and forty four second explanation:


Double community engagement.


Halve early attrition rates.


Found Indigo easier to use.

The longer explanation:

Future-proof your company’s culture with online communities.

The need for better community infrastructures has been exacerbated by the increase in people working from everywhere. There are fewer opportunities to build strong workplace relationships, and fewer opportunities for professional development through shared learning. 

As a consequence, this impacts on engagementproductivity, feelings of exclusion, early life attrition and ultimately well-being.

The Indigo platform allows you to systemise your approach to company culture and quantify its impact by building regular communication into the every-day working habits of your team. Providing a platform for people to chat one on one or in a group setting – mimicking the unscheduled, human interactions that take place in an office – turns your company into a functioning, engaged and supported community – wherever you are.

Sound interesting?

See how business innovators are using Indigo

Efficiently manage the community ecosystem

Indigo creates a collaborative, online Community Network for your organisation. 

Every employee has a unique experience thanks to our AI-led matchmaking, which ensures every person is matched with a mentor / peer  from within the organisation who can help them with their specific queries and concerns.

The Indigo administrative dashboard is a simple way to keep track of your how program is doing at the click of a button. Track user numbers and engagement, view reported issues and learn more about user satisfaction in real time.

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Maria, Learning & Development Director

Maria is a psychologist, learning and development specialist and three-time published author with an extensive academic background in team dynamics spanning more than 25 years.

At Indigo, Maria is responsible for ensuring that psychological safety and meaningful development remain at the heart of everything we do. She works with our clients to help prioritise the needs of their members, and advises the team on how best to meet them.

“In just the same way as an organisation will look at its financial profit and loss, it must examine its emotional profit and loss, too – and ensure that it has in place the systems and processes necessary to guarantee a healthy environment at every level.”