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Chris, Commercial Director

Chris joined Indigo with 15 years’ experience in growing and scaling tech start-ups, including being a part of the founding team of the third fastest-growing company in the US in 2013.

Chris is passionate about AI and it’s use in enhancing our day to day working life and enabling genuine human connection. At Indigo, he supports the senior team with business development opportunities and innovation of the Indigo platform.

Accelerating your community

Engage members, improve performance and increase revenue with people-first platforms that unlock the power of shared learning.

Built to enhance engagement in teams of all sizes

Indigo platforms are designed to grow as you do – scale securely whether you have 100 employees or 100,000.

Increase in participant engagement


Reduction in early life attrition


Found Indigo easier to use

Increase engagement within your community

WhatsApp groups are messy. Emails donโ€™t get read. Facilitate targeted communication in secure, simple and psychologically safe environments.

  • 200% increase in engagement with community initiatives.
  • 50% decrease in membership turnover.
  • 76% easier to use than web forums.

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Unify your team with shared goals and interests

Your team wonโ€™t communicate just because you tell them to. Siloed workforces need to know whatโ€™s in it for them.

  • 1:1 matching to connect questions with answers privately.
  • Community forums to build a database of shared organisational knowledge.
  • Reviews to incentivise engagement and upskill your team.

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Improve productivity and increase revenue

Our partners are using Indigo to actively increase revenue for their organisation.

  • Improve team performance by unlocking the power of shared learning.
  • Reduce turnover by providing on-the-go support from the group.
  • Charge members for exclusive access or turn on sponsorships.

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Maria, Learning & Development Director

Maria is a psychologist, learning and development specialist and three-time published author with an extensive academic background in team dynamics spanning more than 25 years.

At Indigo, Maria is responsible for ensuring that psychological safety and meaningful development remain at the heart of everything we do. She works with our clients to help prioritise the needs of their members, and advises the team on how best to meet them.

“In just the same way as an organisation will look at its financial profit and loss, it must examine its emotional profit and loss, too โ€“ and ensure that it has in place the systems and processes necessary to guarantee a healthy environment at every level.”