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This page is constantly being updated but if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the team and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Who is Indigo for?

Indigo creates bespoke platforms to help any organisation transform their people into a connected, cohesive community. We find this works best for businesses, corporations and employers with 100+ staff members. You could be:

  • The Team Leader for a small to medium-sized enterprise.
  • An HR Manager for a business or enterprise.
  • A Learning and Development specialist working within larger organisations.
  • A community manager or in another role centred around coordinating a team.

However, the platform was designed to connect communities for the purpose of mutual learning and development, which means it can be used in lots of other areas aside from a workplace setting. If you work for a training organisation or education provider we’d love to hear from you, too.

Is Indigo an app?

Indigo platforms are accessible via a web application that can be integrated with whichever existing tech infrastructures you already have in place.

The decision to keep the platform web-based, rather than opt for the traditional app format, was intentional. When your people log into Indigo, we want it to feel like an existing extension of your organisation’s online presence – this means keeping your branding the same, using the language of your organisation and not requiring users to log in to an entirely separate application.

A key aspect of community building is helping your people feel like they belong, which is why syncing Indigo platforms with the brand presence your people are already familiar with is so important to us.

Do you provide the mentors?

Indigo was designed to facilitate internal mentoring, collaboration and communication – we don’t provide external mentors.

Whilst external consultancy can be useful in some instances, we believe the best way to foster a community mindset and build relationships within your organisation is to give your people the tools to help each other. That way, you get all of the benefits of mentoring support (professional and personal development, upskilling and increased engagement) whilst also building your company’s culture in a meaningful way.

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Engagement made easy.

Whether you run a business, course or classroom, use our mentoring SAAS platform to create a culture of engagement.

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The one minute and forty four second explanation:


Double community engagement.


Halve early attrition rates.


Found Indigo easier to use.

The longer explanation:

Future-proof your company’s culture with online communities.

The need for better community infrastructures has been exacerbated by the increase in people working from everywhere. There are fewer opportunities to build strong workplace relationships, and fewer opportunities for professional development through shared learning. 

As a consequence, this impacts on engagementproductivity, feelings of exclusion, early life attrition and ultimately well-being.

The Indigo platform allows you to systemise your approach to company culture and quantify its impact by building regular communication into the every-day working habits of your team. Providing a platform for people to chat one on one or in a group setting – mimicking the unscheduled, human interactions that take place in an office – turns your company into a functioning, engaged and supported community – wherever you are.

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See how business innovators are using Indigo

Efficiently manage the community ecosystem

Indigo creates a collaborative, online Community Network for your organisation. 

Every employee has a unique experience thanks to our AI-led matchmaking, which ensures every person is matched with a mentor / peer  from within the organisation who can help them with their specific queries and concerns.

The Indigo administrative dashboard is a simple way to keep track of your how program is doing at the click of a button. Track user numbers and engagement, view reported issues and learn more about user satisfaction in real time.

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