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Indigo Mentoring welcomes tech entrepreneur duo

Indigo Mentoring welcomes tech entrepreneur duo

Indigo Mentoring is proud to announce the arrival of technology entrepreneurs and investors Phylip Morgan and Chris Tossell. Phyl and Chris join the board as Indigo signal their indent to build on recent growth in the HE sector.

This is a strategic alignment designed to bring together Phyl and Chris’ expertise in growing global technology businesses with the innovative software solutions at Indigo. Indigo’s software brand is proving popular with education providers across the UK and internationally to streamline and digitise their peer support networks. Today’s announcement cements and formalises a working relationship that began during the first Covid lockdown and has flourished ever since. This is Chris and Phyl’s second joint investment project, following the launch of their ConnectYou brand last Autumn.

Throughout the COVID19 pandemic, Indigo has been instrumental in allowing students to stay connected to support from their universities. Now, with new board members and a revised management structure, sights are on exponential growth.

“Chris and Phyl instantly understood the vision for Indigo.”

“Over the past three years we’ve had several offers for investment, all of which have been turned down for one reason or another. Chris and Phyl instantly understood the vision for Indigo and have the experience and know-how to drive us onto the next level of growth.”

James Doherty, CEO.

Doherty will continue to work alongside Emily Goodwin to manage the team on a day-to-day basis. Chris Tossell will focus on helping Indigo restructure through innovative business and sales processes, enabling them to support larger numbers of clients and users.

“Students, much like the rest of us, have faced disruption, isolation and uncertainty over the last 18 months. The brand is uniquely positioned to connect and support them as they re-emerge.

Chris Tossell.

Chris brings an impressive track record of hyper growth business over the last ten years. He worked closely with The HCI Group from its infancy through to their acquisition by Tech Mahindra. Chris also currently sits as a Non-Executive Director for a number of exciting AI and technology companies.

“Making the vision a reality for every student.”

Phylip Morgan is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in founding and growing technology companies. He was recognised by CRN as one of the top ten most influential people in the UK technology sector and by PCR Magazine as one of the top 50 UK Tech Executives.

“From the first time I met James, his vision of a student struggling alone and getting help via the Tyfy platform stuck with me. I’m looking forward to helping make that vision a reality for every student.”

Phyl Morgan.

About Indigo Mentoring

Indigo Mentoring began in 2017 when Founder James Doherty created his first software project Tyfy supports students by connecting them to peer mentors online. Since the creation of that pilot website, the software has increased student engagement with mentoring by over 200%. Over a thousand students across the UK have benefitted from mentoring support via

Alongside this success, the team was expanded with Marketing Director Emily Goodwin and a second software project, LadderTech, was created. This time, the focus was on business support – connecting entrepreneurs with mentors who can offer advice on their specific business challenges.

“Chris and Phyl quickly became the mentors for Indigo that we’ve spent the last three years telling other people they need. Them joining the team is a natural extension of what was already a promising relationship.”

Emily Goodwin, Marketing Director.

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