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3 reasons to invest in employee mentoring

3 ways employee mentoring programmes support newcomers – and why you should invest in one.

More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies offer an employee mentoring programme. From mental health and company culture, to professional development and retention, the benefits of effective mentoring are clear. We round up the top 3 reasons you should invest in employee mentoring within your organisation.

Knowledge transfer

One of the key benefits of an employee mentoring programme is knowledge transfer. For new members of an organisation, the onboarding process can be scary. It’s a combination of not really knowing what they’re doing, and simultaneously being too scared to ask. Mentoring is an effective means of transferring key knowledge about your organisation whilst reducing spend on training programmes. What’s more, you’re building longer term employee relationships in the process.

But knowledge transfer is about more than just knowing how to use the CRM software or understanding the company ethics policy. Mentors are a walking, talking encyclopaedia for your organisation. They can tell a newcomer everything from the best parking spots to what time of day the lunch queue is longest. Not only are newcomers building their knowledge of company culture, they’re fast-tracking the process of feeling like they belong.

Professional development

By building effective mentoring relationships, organisations are supporting the ongoing professional development of mentors and mentees. Shadowing a more experienced member of the team gives newcomers the opportunity to fast-track their growth, knowledge and ultimately their value to the company. In fact, mentees are promoted 5 times more often than those without mentors.

What’s more, mentoring is an invaluable skill to those offering the support, too. Teaching a newcomer the ropes develops all the qualities you’re most likely looking for in your next department manager. Building a mentoring programme helps you find them.

Employee retention

It’s no secret that employees who feel supported to develop their personal growth are more likely to be satisfied with their role. 94% of employees say they would stay with an organisation for longer if they felt they were given opportunities to grow.

An employee mentoring programme provides both mentor and mentee with a chance to develop their professional skillset at their respective career stages, from management skills to industry knowledge. Ultimately, this makes them more likely to remain with the organisation who provided them with it.

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