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Supporting student careers with the Keele Digital Advisor programme

Supporting student careers with the Keele Digital Advisor Programme

Throughout May, Indigo has been collaborating with the Digital Advisor programme at Keele University to provide new opportunities for students.

At Indigo, one of our primary goals is to support the personal development and career enhancement of students and graduates. With our education software, we help students build their employability through mentoring. The software allows mentors to collect testimonials from the people they support that can help bolster their CV. We’ve also recently launched the Indigo Experience Programme. The programme aims to provide opportunities for students and graduates to develop their skills and experience in areas like digital marketing, social media, research and copywriting.

Throughout May, we’ve been collaborating with the Keele Digital Advisor programme. The programme provides Keele students and graduates with the opportunity to engage with businesses on a wide variety of digital projects. The aim is to build their experience and skillset in the world of work, and help them prepare for the job market post-university.

Philippa Richardson, Employer Engagement Manager for the Digital Advisor programme said:

β€œThe Digital Advisor Programme connects small and medium sized businesses to our talented student community here at Keele. Over 40 hours the Digital Advisor works to leave the business in a stronger position digitally. From digital marketing to competitor analysis, digitising records to creative writing, it is a chance to bring in new voices and ideas to the business leaving a valuable impact.”

Alice Whitehouse, programme manager added:

“The Digital Advisor Programme is a an opportunity for both Keele students and graduates to apply their academic knowledge in an industry setting, on a 40 hour project, whilst getting paid. It’s so important for Keele students and alumni to engage in experiential/work experience opportunities like this not only to develop their own confidence and skillset, but also for employers (in this case local SMEs) to learn off our talented students. The aim is support Staffordshire through the expertise of the University, that being the students and graduates.”

As part of the project, Final Year Economics Student Labib Ahmed has been shadowing Indigo’s Marketing Director Emily. Labib has been working to further develop his skills in market research and learn more about user experience for marketing purposes. Labib said:

“Working as a Digital Advisor to Indigo Mentoring has been a rewarding experience. I have developed many valuable skills, such as time management and succinctly presenting my research. I was provided autonomy in the approach I took in completing the tasks assigned to me and at the same time was provided assistance promptly whenever needed.”.

Emily added:

“Labib has been a fantastic asset to the Indigo team. During the time he’s spent with us he has produced some really valuable work that has and will continue to have a genuine impact on our marketing processes. During my time as a student at Keele, I received consistently fantastic careers support. It’s great to be able to pay that forward and provide support to a new generation of students! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Digital Advisor programme.”

To find out more about the Digital Advisor programme at Keele, you can visit their website here. To learn more about Indigo’s Experience Programme or find out how you can get involved, head to our opportunities page.

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