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Supporting student careers alongside Keele University

We’re really proud to have once again partnered with Keele University to provide placement opportunities to support student careers …

At Indigo, supporting university students to build their skillset, experience and confidence levels has always been one of our key priorities. In 2017, we started by building – an online platform designed to help students build their employability through mentoring online – and student careers remain a driving force for us nearly six years later! That’s why we were delighted to get the opportunity to work with the Humanities department at Keele University to provide placement roles for two of their current students.

The work placement for Humanities students, run by Dr Rachel Adcock, is designed to give students studying Humanities the opportunity to contribute to the world beyond university, in any workplace where the research, analytical, and communication skills developed as part of a Humanities degree can be used.

The project

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with two fantastic students, English Literature student Erin, and Media Communications student Beth. Both Beth and Erin worked on a number of research projects. This included joining our student user experience cohort to help us ensure the continuous development and improvement of our student mentoring platform for end users. Talking about her role, Erin said:

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Indigo Mentoring and learnt so many new skills! Learning about what the app offers and being able to work with it has been an amazing opportunity.” And she’s even going to continue working with us, creating blog content alongside her studies! You can read Erin’s most recent article here.

Emily Goodwin, Marketing Director at Indigo said: “I always thoroughly enjoy collaborating with Keele! It’s so rewarding to work on projects that directly support student careers. Both Beth and Erin have been huge assets to the team.”

About Indigo

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