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Indigo welcomes new Director to support learning and development market

At Indigo we are beginning Q3 with plans to scale throughout the commercial sector, spearheaded by new Director Dr Maria Katsarou-Makin.

The Indigo software, developed in collaboration with leading UK universities, specialises in the cognitive element of mentoring, addressing issues of psychological safety, workplace satisfaction and personal growth. However, CEO James Doherty says that “Universities aren’t the only place where people learn, universities aren’t the only place where people feel isolated, and therefore universities shouldn’t be the only place where people can use our software.”

Now, we’re looking to make an impact in the commercial sector, using online mentoring to address issues surrounding employee satisfaction, the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon and work from home isolation following the COVID19 pandemic.

In order to achieve this, Indigo is pleased to announce the appointment of new Director, Dr Maria Katsarou-Makin. An Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Maria has 25 years’ experience of leadership consulting and implementing learning and development programs at the executive level within large corporate organisations.

Maria, Author of ‘Group Dyna-Mix: Investigating Team Dynamics’, specialises in examining the way in which supported, engaged and empowered teams contribute to overall organisational success. She said:

“In just the same way as an organisation will look at its financial profit and loss, it must examine its emotional profit and loss, too – and ensure that it has in place the systems and processes necessary to guarantee a healthy environment at every level, and in the round. We take our cars to an MOT every year for a reason. Organisations should be no different.

We have enough evidence and know that organisations with high levels of engagement and high levels of psychological safety have been correlated to high team performance, less failures, more innovation and increased trust and wellbeing.”

Indigo’s CEO, James Doherty, added:

‘We know that staff churn is a serious concern for employers. People rightly expect to be part of a community that cares about their wellbeing and their professional development, and with the cost of replacing a member of staff reaching up to 60% of their salary, businesses see the necessity to engage and grow their talented employees, too.

A structured mentoring program has the power to support wellbeing, development, and satisfaction amongst more than just students, and by taking the platform in this new direction we plan to support employees across the board, too.”

Ready to unlock the collective intelligence of your community? Indigo creates bespoke online communities for your members to match, collaborate and learn. Get in touch.

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