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Wellbeing at work: the benefits of a community platform

It goes without saying that the wellbeing of an organisation’s people is key to its overall success. A workforce that feels supported, empowered and connected is one that is motivated to work harder, go the extra mile and remain loyal to the community they work for. But how do you define wellbeing, and how do you make sure it’s a priority within your organisation?

Understanding the role wellbeing plays in your company ecosystem.

Mental wellbeing is formed of two main aspects: how we feel (our emotions and satisfaction with life) and how we function (our relationships with others, our sense of purpose and personal control). In a workplace setting, this makes wellbeing a key player in developing a workforce of people who are happy with their role, satisfied with their professional development, and are able to form effective working relationships within their community. This sense of purpose and belonging has a huge impact on how well your team functions. Therefore, it also impacts how well your organisation performs overall.

So, we know wellbeing at work is important. But what can employers and team leaders do to support the wellbeing of their people?

Fostering a sense of belonging.

As human beings, one of our most fundamental needs is to feel like we belong. For centuries, we’ve formed communities around any number of ideas, from shared beliefs to common goals. A workplace community is no different. Feeling a sense of belonging within a workplace community contributes to an overall sense of wellbeing. But in a post-COVID world, ‘belonging’ looks very different.

With an increasing percentage of the workforce (especially young people) now working remotely, the sense of connection, camaraderie and common goals that would usually be established in an office setting have been lost. As a result, we’re producing more staff who are isolated from their communities, having a huge impact on their wellbeing.

Creating new ways to connect your people.

We all know that wellbeing at work is about more than just finishing early on a Friday or hosting a company barbecue once a year. It’s about re-establishing relationships within your organisation, creating a space for your people to open up, and encouraging team leaders to see wellbeing as something that needs to be worked on every day, not just when inspiration strikes.

Turning your company into a community.

At Indigo, we exist to help you do just that. It’s a plug-in-and-go solution designed to link your people together. We use one simple and easy to use interface that can be accessed wherever they are. The platform is designed to encourage connections between your people, whether that’s for one on one mentoring, collaborative discussion or just as a space to check in on each other. It makes wellbeing and belonging a daily habit within your organisation.

At Indigo, we believe everyone, everywhere should have someone to turn to. We use tech to help build real human connections, turning your company into a community. You can learn more about the software here, or get in touch to schedule a demo with the team.

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