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peer mentoring

Invite members

We use single sign on to automatically integrate our software with your existing online infrastructure, whether that’s a work email system or virtual learning environment. You can also take advantage of our handy communications resources to help attract, enrol and engage your members.

Match participants

We don’t believe in wasting time manually matching users with mentors. Our AI-led matching algorithm connects users with the best mentor for them based on factors of your choice, such as the course they study or the department they work in. Users can opt to chat to the same mentor always, or different mentors for different queries.

Users can also choose their own mentor by searching our member directory for key words relating to their individual needs or concerns. This could be anything from ‘LGBTQ+ support’ to ‘IT query’.

Build engagement

Taking mentoring online increases user engagement by making support more accessible, but we don’t stop there. The Indigo review function enables every mentor to build positive feedback from the people they help, based on the skills that matter to them. This is tangible data that can be used to aid professional development, grow their skillset and even give you useful insights for promotions.

Monitor interactions

We want every mentoring ecosystem built with Indigo to be a safe, secure and supportive environment, and our monitoring system was built to ensure quality control with every interaction.

The system works by enabling all participants to quickly and simply ‘report’ a conversation that made them uncomfortable or unsure. This sends an alert direct to your inbox, enabling you to review a transcript of the conversation and take the same disciplinary action you would if the conversation happened in the office.

Measure impact

We know that a good mentoring program doesn’t just benefit the individual users. It has a positive impact at organisational level, too.

Using our admin portal you can measure the impact of mentoring on your team. This includes tracking usage levels, learning more about popular topics discussed and gaining valuable insight into your members’ performance.

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About Indigo

Our background

Indigo was founded in 2017 by CEO James when he was a student at the University of Nottingham, where he created the first iteration of our software, geared towards supporting student mental health through mentoring. Fast forward 6 years, and today we’re helping to unleash the power of mentoring wherever people go to learn – whether that’s at work, in education or through training programs and courses.

Whilst we’ve transformed into an organisation that supports far more than just students, our core purpose remains the same: to ensure that everybody, everywhere has someone they can turn to for help .

Indigo turns companies into communities

Today, though, our day-to-day looks a little different to how we started. At Indigo, we’re all about using internal mentoring as a tool to make culture, cohesion and connection a daily habit in your organisation.

Everyone tells us that company culture is the secret ingredient to empowering your team and super-charging productivity within your organisation. But what does it really mean? The truth is that culture is about far more than having a ping pong table in your office or hosting a one-off company barbecue. It’s about the small, every day interactions that establishing real human connection within your team.

At Indigo, we use tech to help facilitate those relationships, making it easier for your team to communicate, collaborate and support each other. Want to learn how we do it? Get in touch for a demo.


If you’d like to keep up with all things company culture, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Chris, Commercial Director

Chris joined Indigo with 15 years’ experience in growing and scaling tech start-ups, including being a part of the founding team of the third fastest-growing company in the US in 2013.

Chris is passionate about AI and it’s use in enhancing our day to day working life and enabling genuine human connection. At Indigo, he supports the senior team with business development opportunities and innovation of the Indigo platform.

About Indigo

Leadership team

The core leadership team is comprised of learning and development specialists, tech experts and thought leaders passionate about providing meaningful, purposeful and psychology-backed mentoring support.

James Doherty
Founder and CEO

Emily Goodwin
Marketing Director

Chris Tossell
Commercial Director

Phylip Morgan
Chair of the Board

Dr Maria Katsarou-Makin
Learning and Development Director

Maria, Learning & Development Director

Maria is a psychologist, learning and development specialist and three-time published author with an extensive academic background in team dynamics spanning more than 25 years.

At Indigo, Maria is responsible for ensuring that psychological safety and meaningful development remain at the heart of everything we do. She works with our clients to help prioritise the needs of their members, and advises the team on how best to meet them.

“In just the same way as an organisation will look at its financial profit and loss, it must examine its emotional profit and loss, too – and ensure that it has in place the systems and processes necessary to guarantee a healthy environment at every level.”

Phylip, Chair of the Board

Phylip joined the team with over 30 years’ experience in starting and scaling tech organisations, has been identified as one of the most influential people in UK tech by CRN, and was recognised by PCR Magazine as one of the top 50 UK Tech Executives.

Phylip plays a pivotal role within the Indigo team, working to identify and target key marketplaces, advising on strategy and managing relationships with our wider tech team.

Emily, Marketing Director

Emily joined Indigo in 2019 with a background in marketing and communications, and a First Class degree in English.

Emily oversees all marketing efforts for Indigo, as well as working with our clients to create bespoke resources and develop communications plans to help engage their members with the mentoring process.

“For me, working at Indigo has always been about maximising the power of mentoring to support mental health and wellbeing. It’s an issue that isn’t limited to one setting, whether that’s a workplace, university or other professional organisation, and so our aim is not to limit the solution, either.”

James, Founder & CEO

James founded Indigo in 2017 whilst studying Politics at The University of Nottingham with one simple goal: to ensure that everyone, everywhere had someone they could turn to.

James is our ideas man – he’s in charge of software development and innovation, and leads on our goal of continuously improving and adapting the platform for every client we work with.

‘When I started Indigo, it was with the aim of using mentoring to support engagement and psychological safety amongst university students. I’m proud that today we’re able to expand that support and realise the power of mentoring alongside corporations, training providers and any organisation where people go to learn.’

Systemise company culture in your organisation, quickly, easily and at scale

The Indigo software was designed to be easy to use, and easy to set up. It’s a bespoke, plug in and go solution that’s built on the unique needs of your organisation, including matching criteria, branding, location and terms of use. Scroll to learn more about how it works!

Plug in and go

The Indigo platform is designed to help busy workplaces connect more efficiently. You don’t have time for a long set-up process or endless project plans. Using Indigo, your users will be uploaded to a white-labelled, simple platform that connects them with mentors directly, and to group forums where they can network and learn from their co-workers in a psychologically safe environment.

Build a cognitive community

Do your people have a place to turn to when they have questions? An online communication portal is essential to supporting your team, especially for those who work remotely. An Indigo platform gives your people a place to communicate with one another, and a constant point of contact with HR.

Users can report disciplinary issues directly through the platform and the moderator can review an entire transcript of reported conversations. There is absolutely no way to access a user’s personal contact details.

Indigo works by connecting your community at scale

Whichever community mentoring platform you choose for your organisation should make your life easier, not more difficult.

Using Indigo’s admin portal, you can log in and monitor activity, view testimonials, and also keep track of any reported issues. This works by allowing you to deal with disciplinary issues discreetly, fairly and as they happen. You can also interact with the forums, set events, and generally keep up with your community in a one-stop-shop portal.

Sound interesting? You can check out a full list of features here or book a demonstration to see how it works!