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The Role of Community Platforms in Employee Engagement

In an increasingly digital workplace, fostering meaningful and genuine employee engagement is more critical than ever. Community platforms have emerged in recent years as a powerful tool to achieve this goal, providing numerous benefits that enhance communication, collaboration, and overall job satisfaction. At Indigo, our community platforms are designed to be people-first, creating an online community that your team truly wants to be a part of

Why should we build online communities around our organisations?

Community platforms offer a virtual, and therefore readily accessible, space for teams to connect, share ideas and collaborate on projects. It’s not a new idea – who doesn’t use Teams to talk to their colleagues? – but by prioritising business output, these platforms can often neglect the human element.

When done right, community platforms have the power to break down silos within the workforce, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging open communication. Employees who feel connected to their wider organisational community are more likely to be engaged, productive, and loyal to their organisation. Furthermore, such platforms provide a repository of knowledge where employees can access resources, ask questions, and find solutions, thereby enhancing their efficiency and job satisfaction.

Indigo’s Unique Approach

Targeted problem solving.

Indigo’s community platforms are uniquely placed to boost employee engagement through several distinctive features. Firstly, our approach to matching is based on the information your people give us: what they’re good at, what they need help with, and what they’re here to learn. This allows us to connect them with mentors who are best able to support them, as well as recommend forums and group discussions focussing on their wider interests. This tailored approach ensures that your community platform is adding value to the employee experience from day 1 – they know exactly what they’re there to do, and why it’s worth their while.

Multiple communication channels.

Not everyone communicates in the same way. Some of your team may excel in a group discussion, and others may prefer to share their ideas or concerns privately. Indigo offers both one-to-one and one-to-many communication options to ensure that every voice is heard.

Whether an employee prefers private mentoring or engaging in public forums, Indigo’s platforms provide the flexibility to access help in the way that suits them best. This versatility ensures that all employees, regardless of their preferences, can find the support they need to thrive. This emphasis on the psychological safety of the individual (by making it as easy as possible to reach out) helps to promote better engagement amongst your team by ensuring that no one feels afraid to ask questions or ask for help.

Community platforms and employee engagement go hand in hand. By building online communities that cater to individual needs, promote ease of use, and ensure psychological safety, Indigo not only enhances employee engagement but also contributes to a more connected and productive workplace.

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